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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Which liner color do you recommend?

While the light blue liner makes the water look authentically "beautiful blue", the light gray liner is visually more neutral, which means that the Baptizo can be perfectly integrated into your colorful stage concept. Around two thirds of all customers opt for the color light gray, the rest for light blue.

How do you baptize in the Bapitzo? Is there room for tall people?


In principle there are several possibilities. The following variant is highly recommended:

  1. Baptismal candidate and, for example, two baptizers stand in the basin (conversation, baptismal verse, etc.)

  2. Baptism sits on his bottom and crosses his arms in front of his chest

  3. The Anabaptists kneel next to it and place one hand on the front and one on the back

  4. The legs of the baptized are slightly bent or crossed (cross-legged), depending on their height. Even with the "Original" pool size, people over 2 m tall can be baptized - if necessary, we will ask the person to slide forward a little.

  5. For the actual baptism (according to a baptismal formula), the upper body of the person to be baptized is simply folded back

  6. Then please pick up the baptisms again :)

On request, we will also be happy to send you a video of one of our baptisms.

When is which size to recommend?


The original version (155 cm) is smaller, lighter, quicker to fill and empty. With a lot of baptisms a year, that's a good difference. With this variant, a baptizer can be placed very comfortably in the pool next to the person to be baptized. The whole thing is a bit compact with two Anabaptists in the pool. This size is also ideal for smaller locations and if the christening is only part of the event.


The Grand version (185 cm) looks significantly larger and more festive. A total of 3 people can be accommodated here very comfortably. In addition, people over 1.90 m tall do not have to cross their legs as much. We recommend this variant especially for large rooms and when the pool is in the center of the room or the focus of the event.

In response to multiple requests, since the beginning of 2022 we have also been offering the mighty Apostle variant (D215 cm) for even more space.

How to assemble the Baptizo?


Installation is really easy:

  1. Lay out puzzle-shaped floor pads

  2. Use a cordless screwdriver to screw the side parts to the floor to form a long panel

  3. Line up and connect ends

  4. Clamp the pool liner inside

  5. let in water. Finished.

That's it! You will find all the details in the supplied assembly instructions. We will be happy to send you these in advance on request.

How secure is the baptismal font?


The Baptizo was made with love to the best of our knowledge and belief. As a toolmaker, plastics technician and mechanical engineer, I was able to calculate the strength and stability of the pelvis using modern computer-aided simulations. The indoor swimming pool liner comes from Germany and is produced especially for us as an expensive custom-made product by the European market leader.


Well over 1000 baptisms have already been carried out in our baptismal fonts without any incident. When properly stored and used as intended, the Baptizo is absolutely safe.

Customs, import sales tax and delivery time to Switzerland?


We are happy to ship to Switzerland and have done so several times. You can order normally via the online shop and select "Switzerland" for shipping. Please note the shipping costs of 49 euros + the import sales tax including customs handling fee of approx. 120 CHF (e.g. Grand version). This additional fee will be billed to you separately via the shipping service provider DHL. The German VAT of currently 19% will then not be charged.

After placing your order, you will receive an invoice from us within 24 hours by email with all the relevant payment information. And after receipt of payment, we will send you your shipment within 2-3 working days. The package delivery time is then approx. 5-10 working days. For an order from Switzerland, it takes about 2-3 weeks until you hold your baptismal font in your hands after ordering.





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