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Brief introduction: My name is Stefan Schödel, I am 36 years old, a passionate engineer and also a devout Christian. For over five years, I was involved in the leadership team at one of the Ecclesia Church Nuremberg locations. I have also led the baptism department and various baptism teams for many years. It has been a great pleasure for me to have accompanied well over 100 people in their fantastic step of baptism of faith.

Baptizo exists to help churches fulfill their mission powerfully and effectively.
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 Stefan Schödel, Founder 
 Baptizo Baptistries 


As part of a growing congregation that uses permanently rented or even frequently changing facilities, we have historically not had an easy and safe way to integrate baptism into worship. Often only parts of the community and guests outside of the actual event were able to witness and marvel at this powerful sign.

Since I am not only a Christian but also a passionate engineer, it was only a matter of time for me before a vision became reality:

A portable baptismal font, light but stable, compact, practical and beautiful - simply suitable for everyday church life today!

We firmly believe that every church with a New Testament DNA can use a flexible water baptism option.

This is why Baptizo exists! For more information, be sure to read our vision blog post:


 Revival through more baptisms



Countless hands have now supported or carried forward our work and vision. At this point I would especially like to thank my wife Jessica, without whose patience and practical help this project close to my heart would not have been possible. The best is still ahead of us!

To God's glory we dream of flooding all of Europe with 1000 mobile baptismal fonts




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