about us

Baptizo exists to help churches to make a difference.

Let me introduce myself: Stefan, 34 years old. Development engineer and living Christian. For well over five years I have been in charge of the baptism division and / or baptism teams at the locations in my local congregation, the Ecclesia Church Nuremberg.
I have already been able to accompany well over 100 people on the wonderful step of being baptized in faith. Otherwise, I've been involved in the management team at one of our locations for over 4 years.

For us as a growing community in permanently rented or even often changing rooms  there was no easy and safe way to get baptism in the past  to be integrated into the worship service. Outside, only parts of the celebrated and marveled  Community and  Guests with this powerful sign.

It's good that I'm not only a living Christian, but also a passionate engineer. With my technical expertise from work and church it was  actually only a matter of time until a vision finally became reality:

A portable baptismal font.  Easy, but  stable. Compact,  practical and  Nice. Simply suitable for today's everyday life in the congregation!

We believe that every New Testament DNA church today needs a flexible water baptism facility.

That is our belief. That is why there is Baptizo.



In the meantime, innumerable hands have contributed to the spread of our range. In particular, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Jessica, without whose patience and practical help our heart project would not have been possible.

To God's glory, we dream of flooding the whole of Europe with 1000 mobile baptismal fonts.